Why the "Moon Child"?

Posted by Julie-Anne Jn Paul on

I created the "Moon Child" necklace in honor of those fighting Sickle Cell Disease. It is a cause that is close to my heart, reason being that my son and I both have the Sickle cell trait, and we also have family members with full blown Sickle cell Disease. I chose the crescent moon pendant to represent the shape of the sickle blood cells, and the red recycled glass bead to represent the red blood cells. 
In the past, I've created a collection in honor of Breast cancer awareness, in which I donated a portion of the sales to the Susan G Komen foundation. However, I feel that Sickle Cell research does not get enough funding, probably because of the demographic of most of its patents (know what I mean? )
So a portion of the sales of the "Moon Child" collection will be donated to the Sickle cell Disease Association of America. 
But that's not all that I plan to do, I'm also trying to figure out how to help those that are affected within my own community. I think that we all should. 
Leave a comment below if you or someone close to you have been affected by Sickle cell Disease. 

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